After 5 years in the UK, I'm moving to Spain

7 days left until 25th of March

Woke up at 5 am. It’s my last week in the UK, after five years of living in London. Five years ago on the 11th of March, I moved to London from Warsaw (Poland). Through all these years I learned a lot of things. London is an amazing place to get a good job, save money, have access to the greatest events, places, cinemas, but… it’s also a very expensive city to live in.

I always dreamt about Spain, it was always on the horizon. In December I officially started working remotely from home. Having this opportunity I decided that it’s the right moment to improve the weakness part of my life - the quality.

In January I started the whole process (codename: Project Spain) of formally moving to Spain, including paperwork, getting NIE number, looking for property to rent. Thankfully, the process was smooth, thanks to a hired company in Spain who helped me with all the initial paperwork. I will write more details in the next newsletter.

The next few days I will spend on packing and preparing everything for the hired moving company who deliver all the stuff to my new apartment in Sant Feliu de Guixols in Spain.

In the next posts I will write more about:

  • what I will be missing for

  • how to get NIE number remotely

  • initial costs you have to be prepared for

  • renting a property in Spain, costs, requirements, process

  • and more

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